Floorball is ...

a combination between ice hockey and indoor hockey

an excellent sport for students and PhD’ers

easy to learn, with just a few game rules

a highly dynamic game 

played in many countries all over the world

suitable for both tactical and technical players

a great way to make new friends while enjoying this exiting, rapidly growing sport in the Netherlands!

What is floorball

Floorball, also called unihockey, is a combination between ice hockey and indoor hockey. It is a highly dynamic sport that is played on a small field. The field is encircled by a boarding, which can be used to reflect balls, creating new strategic opportunities. Each player carries a flat stick to dribble, pass and shoot the ball, which is, due to its holes, light-weight and thus increases even more the speed of the game. There are few game rules, so the sport is easy to learn. Try it out yourself at our trainings!

Weekly Trainings

There are weekly trainings on Wedsnesday from 19:00 till 21:00 in hall 4 of the Sports Centre De Bongerd. You will get training from a professional trainer.

Each training will start with technical and tactical exercises to learn the basics of the sport and to improve your skills. These acquired skills can directly be put into practice during the end of the training, where we will finish with small 4 vs 4 games. 


Up for an extra challenge? Join the semi-annual floorball competition!

On three Sundays you will travel with your team to a Dutch city and participate in 30-minutes small field matches against other Dutch floorball associations. These competition days are great for teambuilding and a good way to improve your floorball skills in a competitive way. 

Sports pub

Exhausted at the end of the training? 

Join us in the Sports pub De Bongerd for some refreshing cold drinks! This is thé place to socialise with your fellow members, even until the late hours!


Searching for some extra’s besides the regular floorball sport? 

You will not get bored, since we organise a bunch of activities throughout the whole year! Several activities are listed below. 

  • Potluck Dinner
  • Pubquiz and Game Night
  • Lasergamen

Our very active members even join the activity committees, which organise our largest, most exciting events:

  • Friends and Family Tournament
  • Annual Stick Weekend
  • Lustrum